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Security Council


“My name is Khant and I am honoured to be one of the chairs for the Security Council. I’m a senior at Yangon Academy so YMUN XI will be my last conference in Myanmar. As I have been apart of MUN since my freshman year, this will be my 6th conference and 2nd time chairing. Ever since I started debating global issues, I have learned the importance of multiple perspectives and international cooperation. If there are any pressing questions in hand please feel free to mail me at kavantan44@gmail.com. I’ll be looking forward to a fruitful debate.”


“Good evening, it is an honor to once again become one of the chairs of Security Council in this year’s YMUN. My name is Tina and I am currently a senior at ISM. I have five years of MUN experience to contribute and expand my knowledge in this field. If you have any questions or any inquires feel to contact me at (tina.thandartun.20@ismyanmar.com) That being said, I hope you are prepared for what have yet to become an amazing conference.”


“Hi guys! My name is Paing Paing and I am very honored to be serving as your chair for the YMUN conference. I am a junior attending Yangon International School and this will be my tenth conference and my second as chair for YMUN. Participating in MUN has broadened my perspective on global topics and become aware of issues that inflict our world. That being said, I hope that you can use this conference as a viable tool to increase your understanding of the world too. If you have any questions contact me at ppaing@yismyanmar. Let's make this conference the most memorable and the best one you have ever experienced so far. I am very excited to see you all soon.”

Min Paing Paing


Syrian War and the refugee crisis
Situation in Venezuela
Iran-Trump Denuclearization