United Nations

General Assembly 4


“My name is Gyee Gyee, a junior at Yangon International School, and I am excited to serve as one of the chairs of the General Assembly Fourth Committee this year along with my co-chairs, Oak and Tom. This is my fifth year participating in MUN, making YMUN 2020 my tenth conference, and my third as a chair. Alongside with that, in the previous years, I have been a delegate, a note passer and a writer of the press team for the MUN program. That being said, please do feel free to contact me at spgyee@yismyanmar.com if you have any questions during the preparation period for the conference. I look forward to meeting all the delegates of the GA committee and moderating fruitful and constructive debates.”

Gyee Gyee

“My name is Tom and I’ll be one of the chairs for General Assembly 4. It is an honor to serve as the chair for YMUN 2020 during my last year of high school. Best of luck and I hope to see you at the conference. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at tom.kyawkhinelinn.20@ismyanmar.com I can’t wait to serve as one of your chairs at this upcoming conference.”


“My name is Oak Swam Pyae, and I’m delighted to welcome you to the General Assembly (IV) at this year’s YMUN conference. I’m a junior at the International School Yangon. This is my fifth year in MUN, but my first in this council. I’ve had memorable experiences in my MUN conferences and I hope you all will have such experiences yourselves. My aim for this conference is to display the spirit of debate to its highest level, urging all delegates to gain all the experience they can wish for all that this conference will enable further growth as a delegate. In all, I look forward to hearing all your ideas and speeches and hope for a fruitful debate!”

Oak Swam Pyae


The question of Israeli settlements and claims of sovereignty in the Occupied Territories, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights
Holding organizations of foreign financial facilitation accountable for debt traps
The question of Antarctic territorial claims