United Nations

Human Rights Council


“My name is Mahek and I'm extremely excited to be your chair for the Human Rights Council this year. I'm a junior attending Yangon International School, and this will be my 5th MUN conference. MUN was a platform that allowed me to gain confidence in public speaking and express my own solutions on effectively solving world issues at hand. With that being said, I have fostered love for this program and hope that all delegates will learn to embrace it as well. I hope this conference will be your most memorable one yet.”

Sukh Mahek Kaur

“My name is Hpone Thit Htoo and I will be serving as a chair for the Human Rights Council. It is my honor to be apart of this conference and I look forward to the experience. Over the years, MUN has taught me valuable skills and expertise regarding world issues and communications. Participating in MUN will allow one to grow not just as a public speaker, but as an individual as well. Over the course of the conference, I hope to provide guidance and clarity as well as support towards this committee. I look forward to meeting you all and listening to everyone's thoughts regarding the issues.”

Hpone Thit Htoo

“It is my honor to welcome you at the Human Rights Council at this year's Yangon Model United Nations conference. My name is Sammy Tin, and I'm a sophomore at the International School of Yangon. This will be my fourth year in MUN, and I hope to help your journey in MUN be just as engaging and enjoyable as mine has been thus far. At YMUN, I aim to provide good guidance and enrich your experiences as delegates. I look forward to fruitful debate and a memorable conference with all of you!”

Sammy Tin


Promoting legal equality and freedom from discrimination of gays, lesbians, and transgendered people
The treatment of Muslims in China
Measures to eliminate and prevent cases of underaged rape and abuse